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150 Years: Kenai Peninsula History Conference

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150th Anniversary history column series in the Peninsula Clarion:

(Meant to be read in order starting with #1, the oldest.  The newspaper did not post all the columns online, but they were published in the Sunday paper's "community" section.  We thank the Peninsula Clarion for its generous support of the conference.)


#9  The treaty that ceded Alaska from Russia to the USA – 19 Mar. 2017

#8  William Seward, architect of the Alaska purchase – 12 Mar. 2017

#7 Why the United States wanted Alaska – 5 Mar. 2017  NO LINK


#6 Yankees in Russian America – 26 Feb. 2017


#5 Why Russia wanted to sell Alaska – 19 Feb. 2017


#4 Russian America on the peninsula in the mid-1800s – 12 Feb. 2017


#3 How did Russia end up running Alaska? – 5 Feb. 2017; NO LINK


#2 Alaska’s Centennial in 1967 – 29 JAN 2017; NO LINK


#1 What is the Sesquicentennial? – 14 Jan. 2017



News about our conference:

Rescued tapes show Kenai Peninsula history conference in 1974 – 7 Jan. 2017 Peninsula Clarion conference-in-1974


Just in time for Kenai Peninsula history conference, films from 1974 event found

4 Jan. 2017; Homer News


Plans for history conference advance – 19 Dec. 2016 Peninsula Clarion


Citizens’ group aims to organize history conference – 24 May 2016 Peninsula Clarion

“Signing of the Alaska Treaty” by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze was painted in 1867 shortly after the event.  The original is touring Alaska this year for the sesquicentennial.  The original was commissioned by New York merchants as a gift to Seward.  It usually hangs at the Seward House Museum in Auburn, NY, which loaned it to Alaska.  Leutze is best known for his iconic painting of "Washington Crossing the Delaware."

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